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Osteoporosis jab 'could help millions of women'

Osteoporosis jab 'could help millions of women'
11th March 2008

A new jab could benefit millions of women who suffer from osteoporosis, according to researchers.

Tests conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the US show that a fortnightly injection of a thyroid-stimulating hormones stopped bones from deteriorating and improved their strength.

Researchers have suggested that the jab could prove a safer alternative to hormone replacement therapy for post-menopausal women who are most at risk of osteoporosis.

It could also be beneficial for the elderly as it protects a type of spine and hip bone known as the trabecular bone, which is often heavily deteriorated in older people – making them susceptible to hip fractures.

Initial tests conducted on rats, which had been modified to mimic the conditions of osteoporosis, proved successful.

According to the BBC, every year in the UK more than 230,000 fractures occur because of osteoporosis.

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