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Online banking for older people

18th June 2007

Older people could gain from the convenience of online banking, HSBC said today.

Currently 15 per cent of internet bankers are aged 65 or over.

According to HSBC, online banking can present older people with a secondary channel to check their balance, even if they do not manage all their financial affairs online.

Nick Staib, e-marketing manager at HSBC, said: "Evidence shows elderly people are primarily drawn to the internet so that they can contact their family typically via email.

"As they become more familiar with using a PC they cannot help but notice the convenience of internet banking.

"Older people may have concerns over security; however, these can all be met by sites such as, which explain the risks and how to avoid them."

Explaining how online banking will change to better meet the needs of the elderly, Mr Staib said: "There is the distinct possibility that the 'one size fits all' bank websites of today will soon be replaced by smart websites that adapt their content…to whoever is logged on to the service."