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One hour's gaming helps the brain

One hour's gaming helps the brain
13th March 2013

It has long been thought that playing video games is bad for your health, but according to researchers one hour's gaming each day can train the brain and lower the risk of cognitive issues such as dementia in later life.

Studies conducted at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore found that computer games boost spacial awareness and enhance visual search tasks.

Dr Michael Patterson, who led the study, said games can build up the brain in the same way that weights build muscles in the gym.

"This is the first study that compared multiple video games in a single study and show that different skills can be improved by playing different games," he said.

The research involved participants to choose one of five games and then play it on their smartphone for one hour every day for a month.

Games on offer included Bejeweled, The Sims and hidden object games such as Hidden Expedition.

The study's results are published in the PLoS ONE journal.

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