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Older workers are 'subject to stereotyping'

Older workers are 'subject to stereotyping'
27th May 2009

Many people are opting to work for longer, though this is drawing negative perceptions from other members of society, it has been said.

A spokesman for Help the Aged made his comments following a new report by Age Concern, which highlighted that a number of older people are reconsidering their employment options following the recession's impact on many pension pots.

The representative said of attitudes: "I think there is an issue. It's not just about older workers but society's perception of older people.

"When you think of older people you think of someone with a zimmer frame or suffering from dementia."

He added that people working are still perfectly healthy and many have the choice to turn away from the world of work - something many people must remember if they feel sorry for such a demographic.

The most recent official figures published regarding life expectancy found that males live to an average age of 76.9, while women are even more hardy, surviving to an average age of 81.3.

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