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Older people who garden 'more likely to eat healthily'

Older people who garden 'more likely to eat healthily'
18th March 2011

Older people eat more healthily if they participate in gardening, a study has indicated.

Findings of a survey of over-50s published in HortTechnology found that those who participate in gardening are more likely to eat their vegetables.

Researchers point out that previous studies have indicated that poor nutrition is one of a few factors responsible for morbidity in older people and is comparable to the deaths due to cigarette smoking.

Researcher Tina Waliczek said: "Our results support previous studies that indicated gardeners were more likely to consume vegetables when compared with nongardeners. Interestingly, these results were not found with regard to fruit consumption."

She added that gardening intervention in later life could be an effective method of boosting the health of older people.

With spring nearly here, now could be a great time to get involved in all things horticultural, from watering the flowers to growing a vegetable patch.

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