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Older people 'threatened by carbon monoxide'

Older people 'threatened by carbon monoxide'
22nd December 2008

Elderly people across the nation are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to possible faulty gas appliances that may be present in their homes, according to a national charity.

Age Concern described the gas as a "silent killer" and highlighted the particular risks found over the winter period, a time characterised by central heating systems and other items which many not have been fitted wrongly or not maintained.

Mike Abrey-Bugg, the head of energy services at Age Concern, said that older people were most susceptible as they were the most likely to have an old installation, meaning they were most likely to be affected as their systems may not have been serviced.

He continued: "It is really important to regularly service all household gas appliances to avoid deaths in the home as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning."

Age Concern recommends that people get in touch with Corgi-approved engineers to check everything over, as well as buying carbon monoxide detectors with an audible alarm to stay on the safe side.

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