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Older people 'should take advantage of web'

Older people 'should take advantage of web'
20th December 2010

Older people in assisted living or home care should embrace the internet, Age UK says.

According to Dave Mortimer, head of digital inclusion at the charity, six million over-65s are still not online.

"Age UK is committed to helping older people access the advantages of using the internet for themselves," he said, speaking of the charity's Internet Champion search.

One such internet user is 103-year-old Lillian Lowe, from Tenby, who is thought to be the oldest person on Facebook, following the death of 104-year-old Ivy Bean from Bradford.

Ms Lowe, a retired hotelier and businesswoman, uses the social networking site to keep up with family members and currently has just a few friends.

However, since taking over the mantle of oldest Facebook user, she has received 999 friend requests, according to Age UK.

"I like it very much, to see my grandchildren and speak to them, but it does waste a lot of time. I have a lot of time sitting alone, when you are my age, I don't go running around, and it is lovely to use," she said.

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