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Older people 'seek clearer care information'

Older people 'seek clearer care information'
28th August 2008

A survey has found that older people are in need of clearer information about their options for future care.

Over 70 per cent of respondents said it would have been easier if they could have accessed information about care options from just one source, Help the Aged said.

According to the charity, the care funding system is constantly in flux and is renowned for being confusing.

The survey was conducted by Help the Aged together with two other charities, Counsel and Care and the Elderly Accommodation Counsel, as well as the financial advisor NHFA.

It was carried out to tie in with the launch of the charities' collaborative advice service FirstStop, which aims to be a single point of information for older people and their relatives to find out about all aspects of care, housing and finance.

Help the Aged suggested that the resource is being made available as many older people are not fully aware of their entitlements and the different options available to them.

Meanwhile, a resident at Barchester's Iddenshall Hall Care Home has recently celebrated her 104th birthday - and to mark the momentous occasion she shared birthday cake and sherry with her family and fellow residents.

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