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Older people put at risk though lack of trust

Older people put at risk though lack of trust
10th February 2012

Many older adults could be putting themselves at risk by failing to trust their neighbours, according to one expert.

As people get older there are often certain tasks that they are unable to perform themselves, such as DIY.

Often problems could simply be solved by asking for a helping hand but according to David Jamilly, co-founder of Kindness UK, a "lack of trust" is preventing people from building a relationship with those around them.

Consequently, Kindness UK is calling for a return to a "we community" to dispel mistrust and break the cycle of isolation for older adults.

This can be achieved through kindness and carrying out simple tasks, such as "going to somebody elderly in your neighbourhood and knocking on the door or putting a card under the door" to offer help or simply engage them in conversation.

Simple measures such as these do not take "a huge amount of effort or any money at all", but could make the difference for older adults across the country.

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