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Older people with mental health problems face stigma

Older people with mental health problems face stigma
27th January 2012

Older people who experience mental health issues could face a greater stigma than their younger counterparts, according to one expert.

Dr Rick Norris, a chartered psychologist and author of Think Yourself Happy, commented: "Some people see [mental health] as a weakness, so therefore they might be prepared to excuse younger people simply because they are younger."

Consequently, people may not be willing to make exceptions for older adults, as they are less tolerant.

This is primarily because of a lack of understanding in society about mental health issues, which often leads to patients feeling socially isolated.

Mental health professionals are continually lobbying to get neurological conditions viewed and treated in the same way as physical ailments.

However, Andy Bell, spokesman for the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, claims that society's attitudes are beginning to change, with more people willing to discuss and seek help for mental health concerns than ever before.

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