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Older people 'increasingly using the internet'

Older people 'increasingly using the internet'
8th September 2009

A recent Age Concern poll regarding the use of the internet with older people across the UK has sparked comment from another group aimed at improving accessibility for the demographic.

Nancy Johnson, the technology & digital inclusion development manager at Age Concern and Help the Aged, said earlier this week: "Missing out of the best savings rates or being able to compare prices online can cost older people dearly.

"The internet isn't a luxury any more but a necessity to ensure you get the best information and the best deals."

Gill Adams, the information manager for Digital Unite, an organisation specialising in making the internet accessible for over 50s, said many people in the demographic are put off by jargon and the whole technological concept, which is rarely part of their jobs.

However, the expert claimed that many older people are becoming more motivated to learn about the web because of their grandchildren who are adept at it, as well as the potential savings which can be had on it.

Ms Adams asserted that courses run with her organisation continue to do well in enabling the generation to reach their full potential.

She concluded: "Once people get it they love it and age is no barrier – we've proved that so many times."

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