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Older people 'feel ignored' within their communities

Older people 'feel ignored' within their communities
14th April 2008

A charity has estimated that some four million elderly individuals' needs are being ignored by their local councils.

Help the Aged conducted a survey of 1,000 people aged 60 and over and found that many respondents feel their local authorities fail to take their opinions into account.

Amy Swan, policy officer for the charity, said: "It's awful that so many older people feel ignored and let down by their local council.

"Older people often make huge contributions to their local community through volunteering to help others. Their years of experience should be valued, not dismissed."

However, the Local Governments Association has disputed these claims and stated that all eligible parties are encouraged to be involved with their local forum and voice their opinions, reports

The research also found that more than two out of five older people have contacted their local councillor or council to raise issues or make a complaint, while two out of five older people regularly volunteer their time to help others in their local community.

Help the Aged is also promoting National Fall Awareness Day on June 24th.

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