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Older people confused about pensions?

Older people confused about pensions?
28th June 2011

There is "quite a bit of confusion" surrounding the pensions industry, according to one expert, suggesting that older people using home care may be in the dark as to their entitlements.

According to chief executive officer of Addidi Wealth Anna Sofat, the frequent changes made to the system since 2006 have confused people reaching the retirement age.

In April 2006 pension simplifications were instituted, but the expert comments that the changes made since this time have been "anything but simple".

"Recent changes will have implications for many more people in the public sector," she warned.

Ms Sofat explained that people in the public sector have so far not had to be too concerned with what is happening with their pensions.

However, the alterations to annual allowance and lifetime allowance are likely to change this.

This follows a survey of public sector workers by Hymans Robertson which revealed that one in three do not believe the reforms will be effective.

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