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Older adults must protect their skin this summer

Older adults must protect their skin this summer
8th June 2012

Despite rain in many parts of the country this week, summer has in fact reached the UK and with it there are promises of high temperatures and sunny days to come.

Older adults will no doubt be making plans on how best to enjoy the British summer and it is important to incorporate skin protection into this.

No matter your age, it is important to prevent sun burn, as this can lead to an array of skin conditions. Luckily, there are simple things that can be done to protect skin.

In addition to sun block, Lynette Yong of also recommends Vitamin C for protecting against UV light.

"This protects skin from UV light by preventing the formation of sun damaged cells," she explained.

"It is a useful addition to sunblock, providing protection when sunblock has worn off or sweated off."

As temperatures rise it is also vital for older adults to remain hydrated, as dehydration can cause serious problems.

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