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Older adults must keep mobile this winter, experts advise

Older adults must keep mobile this winter, experts advise
8th December 2011

Keeping mobile during the winter months is essential for both physical and mental wellbeing in older adults, experts claim.

Richard Furze, chief executive of Friends of the Elderly, stated: "I think it's really important that people keep mobile [and are] getting out of the house if at all possible.

"It's not just the physical mobility, it is the companionship."

Being able to go out into the community and do the shopping or go on trips is important to meet new people and remain mentally stimulated. It also acts as a form of exercise.

However, older adults must be aware of the risks adverse weather conditions can pose.

When the weather is bad, staying inside and doing armchair exercises can help to get blood flow going, according to Mr Furze, in addition to reducing the chance of falling when individuals do venture out.

Ensuring that outdoor attire is appropriate for weather conditions is also essential to limit the chance of slips, falls, and cold-related illnesses.

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