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Older adults could be missing out on cash

Older adults could be missing out on cash
10th February 2012

Older adults could be missing out on extra cash by failing to claim their Pension Credit.

Some £2.93 billion of Pension Credit goes unclaimed every year, meaning up to 1.6 million people could be failing to get the money that they are entitled to, pensions minister Steve Webb explained.

Furthermore, failing to claim the credit will prevent people accessing an automatic Cold Weather Payment, which will be vital as temperatures across the UK plummet to below zero degrees C.

With many older adults fearful of turning the heating up because of rising fuel costs, an additional source of support would be welcomed.

The government has thus far made over three million Cold Weather Payments this winter, helping pensioners stay warm and healthy.

Mr Webb commented: "I am very concerned that over a million pensioners could be missing out on Pension Credit cash of up to £137.35 a week.

"During this cold snap it's even more important that people claim so they don't miss out on Cold Weather Payments."

Every year older adults are struck down by cold-weather related illnesses, which could be prevented by adequate heating.

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