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Older adult eyesight improving

Older adult eyesight improving
29th June 2012

The eyesight of the western world's older adults is improving, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

Researchers claim that people are reporting fewer visual impairment problems today than in the past.

This is attributable to improved techniques for cataract surgery and a reduction in the number of people experiencing macular degeneration.

Dr Angelo P Tann, first author of the study, explained: "From 1984 until 2010, the decrease in visual impairment in those 65 and older was highly statistically significant.

"There was little change in visual impairments in adults under the age of 65."

According to the study, in the US 23 per cent of older adults had difficulty reading because of poor eyesight in 1984. By 2010 there was an age adjusted 23 per cent decrease in this visual impairment, with only 9.7 per cent claiming they cannot read.  

To keep on top of eyesight, older adults should go for regular checkups at the optician.

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