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Nutritional care must be 'improved'

Nutritional care must be 'improved'
8th February 2012

A leading charity is calling for greater efforts to improve the nutritional care of older adults, after a report was published detailing the impact on families and carers struggling to manage the diet of ill or disabled relatives.

Carers UK, supported by Nutricia, has revealed that at least three million people in the UK are either malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, often because of a lack of money.

Without the right advice and support, carers are often unable to cope with the consequences of malnutrition, such as deteriorating heath, guilt and worry.

It is estimated that one in four carers are looking after someone who is underweight, while one in six are caring for someone at risk of malnutrition without nutritional support.

Helena Herklots, chief executive of Carers UK, commented: "Families need support, expert advice and information and training to give them confidence as they care and peace of mind."

Liz Fenton, chief executive of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers, has also called for greater support for those looking after patients.

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