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Nurses issued guidelines in elderly care

Nurses issued guidelines in elderly care
26th November 2008

Staff working in healthcare organisations have been told not to call older people names such as "dearie" or "love" as it is considered inappropriate.

Guidelines being drawn up by the Nursing and Midwifery Council state that the elderly should not be addressed using these names and instead ask how patients wish to be spoken to.

"The principles in this guidance should encourage nurses to value the older people they care for and to promote opportunities for well-being and psychological growth rather than helplessness and deterioration," the document asserts.

It is understood that guidance is given to nurses while they are being trained, however the NMC stated that the new booklet is part of a range of ideas that aim to help nurses maintain standards.

The advice is due for publication in spring next year.

Earlier this month, the NMC implemented a new range of standards in relation to medicines management, which will become the benchmark for fitness to practice referrals.

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