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'Nursebots' to help elderly independence

14th September 2005

'Pearl' the Nursebot, a robot which aids the elderly, is currently being shown at Denmark's INDEX design show, according to internet medical technology journal medGadget.

'Pearl' designed by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon, is part of a Nursebot project to develop mobile, personal service robots that assist elderly people suffering from chronic diseases.

The robot can remind its owner to eat, drink water, take medicines, and go to the bathroom. The robot can also navigate its way throughout the house and retrieve objects.

Another advantage of 'Pearl' is that 'she' can collect information to supply to health care practitioners such as the owner's GP, for example if they missed taking their medication.

The goal of the entire Nursebot project is to develop a 'human friendly' robot that can help increase elderly independence and care.

Japanese researchers have already released several similar rehabilitation robots however, these are quite expensive at around £30,000 each.