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Nurse allowed to remain tentatively

28th September 2005

A Barchester healthcare nurse has won the right to stay in the UK after being faced with deportation because she failed to lodge her visa renewal application in time.

Faced with being deported from Scotland back to the Philippines, Mary Beldia, 28, appealed to the Home Office after her application arrived there one-day late in July.

Ms Beldia was earlier told in a letter that she would have to return to her homeland and reapply for another visa in two years time.

However now, according to the Scotsman, Ms Beldia has been given permission to remain in the UK and reapply for her visa and work permit.

Ms Beldia has worked in various nursing roles in hospitals throughout Lothian and was working at the Drummond Grange Nursing Home - part of the Barchester Healthcare network - at the time of her application for renewal.