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Number of internet-savvy pensioners increasing

Number of internet-savvy pensioners increasing
26th July 2011

An increasing number of older people, who are possibly paying for assisted living services, are being switched on to the internet, according to one commentator.

Edd Dawson, editor of, said that "a huge number" of pensioners are now online, with this set to increase.

He explained that social networking site Facebook is commonly being used by older people in order to keep in touch with their families.

While some "die-hards" will never adopt to the internet, the dawn of social networking has made the internet a much more attractive prospect for the older generation, according to the expert.

"As families get more disparate, more and more of the older generation are using the internet to keep in touch with members of their family all over the world," said Mr Dawson.

This follows Age UK research which found that 43 per cent of those aged between 55 and 74 use the internet frequently.

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