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North Lincolnshire dementia carers speak out

North Lincolnshire dementia carers speak out
20th April 2012

Carers of people with dementia in North Lincolnshire have spoke out about the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Ahead of the arrival of the Alzheimer's Society roadshow today (April 20th), a select number of people looking after some of the estimated 2,000 dementia patients in the county spoke to This is Scunthorpe.

Chief among the concerns of the carers was the need to raise awareness of the condition in the community and how it affects patients.

Kay Mathews, who has been caring for husband Garry for the past nine years, told the newspaper that his condition is often difficult because he gets confused and isn't aware that anything is wrong with him.

What's more, because Mr Mathews is only 59 and has been diagnosed for three years, getting help and support has been difficult.

"You have to live with dementia as well," she said to This is Scunthorpe.

"There is not enough awareness out there. You have to fight to get a diagnosis and it is an uphill struggle."

With the government recently announcing its determination to enhance dementia services and research in the UK, it is hoped that diagnosis for younger patients will be improved.

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