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No evidence that insoles help back pain

No evidence that insoles help back pain
17th October 2007

There is no evidence that insoles ward off back pain, new research has concluded.

A Cochrane Systematic Review found strong evidence that using the shoe inserts does not prevent non-specific back pain and insufficient evidence to say whether or not it helped solve existing low-back pain.

It has been suggested that insoles might absorb shock and thus be conducive toward a stable, fluent walking action.

The review was based on six randomised controlled trials involving more than 2,300 participants.

Lead researcher Dr Tali Sahar who works at the Department of Family Practice at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, responded tentatively to the findings.

"We do need some good studies of the effect of insoles on existing or recurrent back pain, so that we can make recommendations with a greater sense of certainty", he said.

The researchers found some evidence that insoles could shift pain from the back to the leg.

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