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Nintendo Wii helps businesswoman overcome Parkinson's symptoms

Nintendo Wii helps businesswoman overcome Parkinson's symptoms
21st December 2010

A banker with Parkinson's disease has managed to overcome the debilitating symptoms of the disease through the use of a Nintendo Wii.

Doctors originally thought that Jo Collins, 48, was suffering tremors and sleeplessness due to the stress of her job.

However, after her symptoms worsened, she was diagnosed with Parkinson's and began using a Wii Fit shortly afterwards.

The mother-of-two claims that the gaming console has massively improved her condition.

"I can now do a lot of things again which I could not do before. I have become far more nimble and can walk much further than before," she says.

This comes as the government is considering making medical records more transparent and giving patients more choice and control over their care.

As a result, Parkinson's UK is asking those with the disease to come forward and voice their views on patient care.

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