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NHS overrun out of hours due to GPs not being around

NHS overrun out of hours due to GPs not being around
26th April 2013

Changes to general practitioner's hours have led to millions of people feeling they have no choice but to attend hospitals, even when they have only needed routine check-ups and medicines.

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that GPs have been unable to provide adequate out of hours care and this has led to hospitals having to deal with an extra four million patients.

Hospital departments are already under major pressure from existing patients.

The NHS is carrying out a review at present to determine the best way to look after people outside of normal hours and this could lead to GPs again being handed responsibility for their care.

In 2004, the previous government made changes to GPs' contracts which allowed them to opt-out of providing out of hours services.

“When I have been visiting A&Es in recent weeks, hard-working staff talk about the same issues: lack of beds to admit people, poor out-of-hours GP services, inaccessible primary care and a lack of coordination across the health system," Mr Hunt said.

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