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NHS given funding to tackle osteoporosis

NHS given funding to tackle osteoporosis
17th March 2008

The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons has given 13 NHS Trusts in England and Wales £3 million in funding to enhance osteoporosis services.

Last year, the National Osteoporosis Society invited bids for the funding between August and October and received applications for £21 million, Medical News Today reports.

Claire Severgnini, chief executive of the society, said that the response from trusts was "overwhelming" and highlighted the "gaps in existing service".

"We are extremely grateful to the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for their very generous donation which can now be used to improve osteoporosis service provision throughout England and Wales," she remarked.

Thousands of people are set to benefit from better services, meaning many will be saved from "debilitating fractures that cause so much pain", she added.

According to the society, osteoporosis can mean that bones become more fragile and are susceptible to breaks.

It noted that wrists, hips and spinal bones are the most common fractures experienced by people with the condition.

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