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NHS to give 'pick and mix healthcare'

NHS to give 'pick and mix healthcare'
20th January 2009

People receiving healthcare from the NHS may be able to take control of their own options should a new proposal be passed by the government, it has been reported.

A pilot scheme which allows people to receive direct payments to issue to their desired causes is being put forward by government health minister Lord Ara Darzi, who highlighted the desire of many to govern and influence their own care, including such conditions as Alzheimer's disease and motor neurone disease.

He stated: "Building on the experience of social care, the bill allows the further development of ways to give patients further personalisation and control over the healthcare services they receive."

The health minister consulted over 60,000 clinicians, staff and members of the general public to come to the conclusion, adding that the new plan also aims to deliver the highest possible quality of care.

Lord Darzi is associated with advancements in minimal invasive surgery as well as the use of surgical robots and image-guided surgery, receiving the KBE in December 2002 for services to medicine and surgery.

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