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NHS 'is failing to learn from its mistakes'

NHS 'is failing to learn from its mistakes'
29th January 2013

Hospitals are failing to act on mistakes and neglect by members of staff and are risking a repeat of the Mid Staffordshire Trust scandal, a report has warned.

Research by the Patients Association says risks are being taken and poor practices are not being prevented, the Guardian reports.

The report claims "significant pockets" of the NHS have not made changes required to prevent a repeat of the scandal seen in Stafford, where poor care is said to have accounted for between 400 and 1,200 deaths between 2005 and 2009.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: "The Patients Association has identified key challenges for the NHS as the ongoing flaws in the current system are revealed."

Ms Murphy claims the organisation has not highlighted these issues to criticise the NHS, but she hopes to ensure "robust measures" are put in place to make improvements in the wake of the Francis inquiry into Stafford Hospital, the report of which is due for publication on February 6th.

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