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NHS apologises for wrongfully diagnosing man with Huntington's

NHS apologises for wrongfully diagnosing man with Huntington's
29th January 2010

An outlet of the NHS has given its deepest apologies to a man who was wrongly diagnosed as having Huntington's disease, the hereditary brain condition.

Known only as Mr C, the man was told in his early 30s that he was likely to have the incurable condition and that there was a good chance that he had passed it onto his daughters.

Yet almost 20 years later, he was subjected to a new test which concluded that Mr C did not have Huntington's disease at all.

The case has since been investigated by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman after the complaint was lodged by Mr C.

Melanie Hornett, the NHS Lothian nurse director, said: "We are deeply sorry for the anxiety and distress caused to Mr C and his family and would like to publicly apologise.

"This was an exceptional case and we have accepted and implemented the recommendations of the report."

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