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NFL players to donate brains to dementia research

NFL players to donate brains to dementia research
15th September 2009

A number of American football players with the National Football League (NFL) have pledged to donate their brains to medical research after they die.

While a number of former players have agreed to give their brains to the hands of scientists, the first three active players in the sport have pledged their support to Boston University's Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Sean Morey and Maltimore Ravens center Matt Birk will all give their brains in search of the long-term effects of concussions on such things as the development of dementia.

Chris Nowinski, the centre's co-director, told Associated Press: "When you are active, your contract, what you get paid, is based on the perception of your health and no player wants to be perceived as being prone to concussions.

"That's why I am so impressed with these guys. I hope they are the first of many."

The NFL season kicked off for another year last Thursday (September 10th), with the defending Super Bowl champions the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Tennessee Titans 10-13 in overtime.

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