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New technology 'simplifies cataracts procedures'

New technology 'simplifies cataracts procedures'
20th February 2008

A new technological development has significantly reduced the length of the incision needed to remove eye cataracts.

The Stellaris machine, which guides doctors as they conduct the operation, allows surgeons to make cuts of just 1.8mm on either side of the eye, reports the BBC.

Previously it was necessary to make an incision of 2.7 mm.

According to experts, the smaller cut could lead to patients needing less aftercare and have fewer focusing issues following the procedure.

The small incisions also keep the eye contents steady making the procedure "safer", Sheraz Daya, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Queen Victoria Hospital, told the news provider.

Patients suffering from cataracts develop cloudy areas over the normally transparent lens of the eye – impinging their vision.

According to Bupa, approximately a third of people aged over 65 suffer from cataracts.

The condition generally develops over a long period of time.

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