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New technology helps stroke victim regain independence

New technology helps stroke victim regain independence
1st July 2009

A man who was robbed of his dream to run the New York marathon after having a stroke could still get round to doing it following the recent provision of new technology, it has been reported.

Jeff Harris had previously competed in 14 marathons and yet, shortly after his 60th birthday and the night before his flight to New York took off so he could attend the running race, he had a stroke, the Western Mail revealed.

However, scientists have fitted Mr Harris with the Bioness L300 drop foot system, which delivers advanced functional electrical stimulation through a wireless device that stimulates leg and foot muscles through low-level electrical impulses brought about by a handheld control device.

Mr Harris explained: "I live in a village near Chepstow and I can now walk in the woods near my home, negotiating rough ground. I can now manage 10k in an afternoon - something that would have been unthinkable before."

He added that with the Bioness system, his gait has noticeably improved and his muscles are better-trained, with the inspirational man still aiming to complete the New York marathon in the near future.

This week, the rights of stroke victims everywhere were defended by Joe Korner of the Stroke Association, who said that London in particular needed specialist clinics to deal with the rise in the health issue.

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