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New stroke treatment success

3rd November 2006

Scientists in the US are advocating the use of a new treatment for stroke patients.

Researchers at the University of Rochester's Medical Center claim that a treatment known as Activated Protein C (APC) or Xigris, will help patients recover from the aftermath of a stroke.

Curtis Benesch, the director of the Strong Stroke Center, will lead a five-year study in to the drug's impact with the help of the university, through offering the drug to those patients who decline the only stroke drug available in the US, TPA.

Very few stroke patients currently receive TPA and the drug is notorious for its side effects.

Berislav Zlokovic, director of the Frank P. Smith Laboratory for Neuroscience and Neurosurgery Research, who has done extensive research in to the effect of APC on stroke patients, backed the developments.

"It's tremendously exciting to bring the work from the laboratory to patients," he said.

The main use of APC is to treat patients with sepsis.