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New 'repair kit' for heart attack patients under development

New 'repair kit' for heart attack patients under development
10th April 2008

A new technological advance could lead to a skin cell repair kit for hearts.

Scientists at Nottingham University are in the process of developing a method of transforming ordinary skin cells into ones with the powers of embryonic cells – which could then be turned into heart cells and 'repair' the damage caused by heart attacks..

The Daily Mail reports that this development could reduce the need for heart transplants and may also prove an effective testing ground for new medications, meaning that they would not have to be used on patients before side-effects were established.

Researcher Dr Chris Denning told the publication: "There is a tremendous requirement for this technology in one shape or form."

According to the BBC, the UK has one of the worst heart attack rates in the world, with someone having a heart attack every two minutes – amounting to 275,000 a year.

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