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New programme 'increases outcomes for older adults admitted for trauma'

New programme 'increases outcomes for older adults admitted for trauma'
15th November 2012

Older adults admitted to hospital with trauma could be set to benefit from a new programme that has been shown to lower the risk of delirium.

The first-of-its-kind scheme at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto found the programme decreases the likelihood older adults will be discharged to a long-term care facility.

In the Geriatric Trauma Consultation Service, each older adult admitted with trauma is seen by a member of the geriatric team within 72 hours, which is a shift from the previous plan, where only four per cent of patients were assessed by this specialist.

Dr Camilla Wong, a geriatrician in the trauma unit at St. Michael's and the lead physician of the project, described trauma cases in older adults as "very complex".

"They often have pre-existing health issues, resulting in more in-hospital complications and medical consultations. The traditional model addressed these later, but we felt it was necessary to involve the geriatric team at an earlier point," she said.

St Michael's Hospital was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1892 and it is now a Catholic teaching and research hospital.

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