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New non-surgical procedure 'prevents major cause of stroke'

New non-surgical procedure 'prevents major cause of stroke'
25th August 2009

A new technique has been developed which could cut down hugely on the number of strokes affecting individuals around the world.

Mount Sinai Hospital has become the first in the US to perform a non-surgical procedure which uses sutures to tie off a left atrial appendage, the source of blood clots which commonly leads to stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Wayne Keathley, the president and chief operating officer of the Mount Sinai Hospital, said that his group had developed some pioneering work which has the potential to "redirect the field" entirely in regards to cardiac rhythm disorders.

He explained: "We are very proud of the recruitment of Dr Reddy and his exceptionally talented team.

"Compared to a lifetime of medication therapy, or other surgical modalities, a one-time, non-surgical procedure to relieve the complications of AFib offers a whole new paradigm"

Earlier this month, joint research carried out by the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association found those in the most deprived areas of the UK are three times more likely to die of a stroke than others living a comfortable lifestyle.

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