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New NHS research projects into mental health

12th April 2007

Funding for mental health programmes has been announced by the government which will total £45 million.

The money will be divided between 29 projects exploring improved treatments, methods of prevention and ways of managing a variety of mental health problems including stroke, dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

One of the up-coming projects will explore the management of challenging behaviour of dementia sufferers, with a particular emphasis on care homes.

Rosie Winterton, health minister, said: "The significant new research funding stream, which will be worth up to £75 million each year when fully established, provides a marvellous opportunity for the NHS to carry out research that will lead to improved health care delivery in the near future."

Joe Korner of the Stroke Association, said of the new funding initiative: "For too long stroke research has been underfunded compared to other disease areas. As the biggest charitable funder of stroke research in the UK the Stroke Association is extremely keen to see more invested in this area."

The teams of researchers are drawn both from the NHS and academia who already have extensive experience of applied health research.

There will be a focus on delivering research findings which have a practical impact on service management and operations over the next three to five years.