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New method to tackle depression devised in Australia

New method to tackle depression devised in Australia
16th November 2007

A new method to tackle depression has been devised in Australia entitled the Men's Shed movement.

There are 216 situated across the country and they act as workshops where men can talk about problems of depression and loneliness in an informal situation, reports the BBC.

Kevin Hardacre, an 80-year-old who uses one of the facilities in Sydney, said the initiative has been a great help to him.

He commented: "Until I found this place I didn't realise how far I was going down.

"By being here you suddenly lift your mind up and you get better social interaction. Life becomes more funny.

"Most members here are refugees from something - refugees from their own fears and frustrations."

Over 2,000 Australians commit suicide every year and of that number, 80 per cent are male.

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