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New method sheds light on brain function

New method sheds light on brain function
12th December 2011

A new method to analyse brain activity has been developed by researchers at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB).

The study used mathematical models to analyse electrical brain activity and may help doctors and researchers to interpret brain cell signals.

Professor Gaute Einevoll, author of the study, stated: "We have developed detailed mathematical models revealing the connection between nerve cell activity and the electrical signal recorded by an electrode."

It is hoped that the method will lead to progress in interpreting EEG measurements, making diagnoses and treatment of various brain illnesses, such as epilepsy.

An animal study recently suggested an alternative anti-inflammatory approach to epilepsy, after chronic epileptic activity and acute seizures in mice where reduced through repeated doses of a specific enzyme inhibitor.

The enzyme ICE/Caspase-1 induces inflammatory processes by producing IL-1beta, a pro-inflammatory molecule, in brain regions where epileptic activity originates and spreads.

Researchers managed to significantly control epileptic symptoms by injecting mice with the enzyme inhibitor VX-765.

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