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New members in Mental Health Alliance

16th September 2005

The Mental Health Alliance has today announced three new member organisations.

The Association of Director of Social Services (ADSS), Liberty and the Local Government Association (LGA) have all joined, giving the Alliance a total of 75 members all working together for an improved Mental Health Bill.

The Mental Health Alliance was founded in 1999 to bring together organisations working for a modern Mental Health Act.

In the six years since, the Alliance has grown as more and more organisations have united in their concerns about the government’s proposals to reform the Mental Health Act and their belief that a better way forward is possible.

Paul Farmer, chairperson of the Mental Health Alliance, said: "The Mental Health Alliance was created because service users, carers, professionals and organisations are unified in their commitment to a Mental Health Act that promotes human rights and public safety.

"Our three new members each bring a unique and important insight into what a new Mental Health Act would mean.

"The LGA and ADSS represent the local authorities and social services departments who will have to implement whatever legislation is produced. Liberty bring with them a deep understanding of how to protect people’s human rights. That they have all chosen to join the Alliance from their diverse backgrounds shows how strongly many people feel about this legislation and how important it is for the government to get it right."