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New male sling for incontinent prostate survivors

New male sling for incontinent prostate survivors
29th August 2007

US scientists have developed a new sling to help prostate cancer survivors exercise urinary control.

Dr Allen Morey, professor of urology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre introduced the new procedure called the AdVance sling, which comprises a thin strip of mesh between the inner thighs.

This is then passed deep beneath the urethra to increase support.

More than two million men worldwide suffer from incontinence and many of these are prostate cancer survivors; a frequent side-effect of the lifesaving surgery is a damaged urinary sphincter.

Dr Morey said: "I believe there are many men who have a 'nuisance' level of urinary incontinence after prostate cancer treatment which is bothersome during strenuous activities.

"To cope, these men often restrict their activities or limit their fluid intake. We can now offer these men a chance to return to their daily activities with minimal or no pain. They are the ones who would benefit from this low-risk procedure."

The procedure is best suited for mild to moderate urinary incontinence.