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New leadership for Alzheimer's Research UK

New leadership for Alzheimer's Research UK
1st June 2015

The UK's leading dementia and Alzheimer's disease research charity, Alzheimer's Research UK, has a new chief executive. Formerly the organisation's head of external affairs, Hilary Evans has begun her reign with the launch of a national awareness campaign that will run throughout June.

The campaign, which features TV and cinema adverts, is aimed at raising awareness of dementia as a health problem on a national scale, as well as publicising the importance of further research funding. 

Speaking about her goals, Ms Evans said: "The ambition for Alzheimer's Research UK is to find a treatment in the next ten years. If people understand that defeating dementia is within sight, our generation will sign up for trials in greater numbers, lobby for funding and produce the specialist researchers we need to make more rapid progress."

She has been the driving force behind the new campaign and, in her previous work for the charity, has helped encourage people to take part in research and increase funding.

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