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New Jonathan Ross scandal involves Alzheimer's sufferer

New Jonathan Ross scandal involves Alzheimer's sufferer
27th January 2009

Jonathan Ross has been caught up in another scandal after the presenter made a joke which offended the son of an Alzheimer's sufferer, who was targeted by a contentious exchange.

According to Jose Maria Moreno, Mr Ross' comments about his 87-year-old mother Francisca Guzman, who is diagnosed with the condition, was enough to get him sacked.

He emphasised that his mother's mental health issues were not to be taken in such a way.

Jonathan Ross himself stated that the media was "hell bent" on causing controversy, with the remark not at all linked to the mental health issues, instead being an exaggeration for comedic purposes.

The BBC stated that the "light-hearted exchange contained no offensive language, named no individuals and there was clearly no intention to offend anyone".

A spokesman added: "Nothing broadcast by the BBC was linked to a specific individual or would allow the public to link these comments to an individual."

It was only last week when Jonathan Ross returned to his primetime Friday night slot after a three-month ban following phone calls made to actor Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter.

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