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New housing for elderly Foresters

31st March 2006

The Forest of Dean is the site for a pioneering residence aimed at keeping elderly people independent, according to the Forester.

Six new homes in Cinderford, located in the heart of the Gloucestershire beauty spot, have been kitted out with modern devices to help elderly residents live independently but safely.

Lights automatically come on if the homeowner gets up in the night, and sensors under the floor can detect if water is leaking in the event of a tap being left on.

In addition, residents can wear a belt that detects a trip or fall and alerts the 24 hour Linkline service, which also provides immediate care in the event of any other difficulties.

Rowan Hill of Kevin J Toombs estate agents, which own the properties, commented: "These homes will enable older people to live in the community and still have their independence while having the best of care."

The complex, on the site of the King's Head pub which no doubt many residents would have frequented, is within easy walking distance of local shops.