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'New dental implants could be fitted in a few hours'

'New dental implants could be fitted in a few hours'
12th February 2008

A new type of dental implant could give people replacement teeth within a few hours, it has emerged.

Currently, dental implants involve placing a screw in the patient's jaw which is attached to a post with a porcelain artificial tooth, reports the Daily Mail.

Some people, especially the elderly, do not have enough bone in their jaw to screw the implant to and therefore have to settle for dentures.

The new "guided zygomatic" implant is specially extended so that it can be attached to the cheek bone rather than the jaw – meaning more people are eligible for one.

A recent study conducted by the British Dental Association showed that this new implant could help a number of Brits as it was found that those patients with a lower set of implants rather than a lower set of dentures had a better quality of life.

Currently, more than 11 million people living in the UK wear dentures.

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