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New combination therapy holds promise for stroke patients

New combination therapy holds promise for stroke patients
16th August 2012

A new therapy combining exercise with a neuroprotective agent could hold benefits for stroke patients.

Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center claim that the natural compound S-nitrosogluthathione (GSNO) had positive results in a rat model when combined with exercise.

Dr Avtar K Singh, lead investigator on the study, commented: "In our study, GSNO or motor exercise provided neuroprotection, reduced neuronal cell death, maintained tissue structure, and aided functional recovery by stimulating the expression of neuronal repair mediators."

When combined with exercise GSNO also enhanced the rate of recovery.

The compound is now being heralded as an attractive candidate for an investigation into its ability to repair neurons and rehabilitate stroke patients.

What's more, the study cements the link between exercise and improved stroke outcomes further, with a recent paper claiming that yoga can enhance balance and motor function in patients.

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