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New breathing device may help high blood pressure

New breathing device may help high blood pressure
2nd February 2012

A new breathing device could help to treat high blood pressure by controlling and reducing breathing rate.

RESPeRATE is a small machine that can be attached to a person's stomach or chest by a belt. Patients can then listen to how they breathe by using earphones.

GP Dr Rosemary Leonard explained: "What it does is it measures your initial breathing rate and it slowly lowers your breathing rate, so that you end up breathing much slower than when you started off."

Reducing breathing rate below ten breaths per minute with long phases of breathing out can reduce blood pressure.

Using the machine for 15 minutes every day will bring rapid results, Dr leonard advised, with a "significant" reduction in blood pressure expected in three to four weeks.

RESPeRATE can be used in conjunction with blood pressure tablets.

Blood pressure is a common problem in the UK and can increase a person's risk of developing diabetes and stroke.

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