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New aggressive Alzheimer's disease process identified

New aggressive Alzheimer's disease process identified
26th March 2009

Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a new unfolded protein response which has been linked as a contributing factor to nerve cell death in Alzheimer's disease patients.

According to the team based at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, such complications in the brain are one of the leading causes of the degenerative and incurable condition.

The researchers stated that the unfolded protein response is in part responsible for cell death and that many of them are expressed in the early stages of Alzheimer's, despite being absent in later tangle neurons.

It is hoped by the scientists that the discovery will lead to a greater understanding of the illness.

The team concluded: "Future studies will address the therapeutic opportunities of this pathway for the treatment of [Alzheimer's disease] and other tauopathies."

Last month, scientists established that those living with a Mediterranean diet, with fish and vegetables known to help lower the risk of getting the condition.

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