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New £22m 'dementia fund' announced by the government

New £22m 'dementia fund' announced by the government
24th December 2012

The government has awarded £22 million in grants to a range of projects to increase research into dementia in the UK.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that the funding will be spread across 21 studies that will look into the care of people with dementia, the causes of the disease and some potential treatments, including those that could prevent the onset of the condition.

The financing has been provided by the National Institute of Health Research and is part of what the health secretary says is the government's plan to make the UK the "world leader in dementia research".

He said: "It is vital that we can translate the excellent work happening in our laboratories across the country into treatments that can help people live well with dementia today."

The government has taken a keen interest in dementia care as a result of forecasts that show the number of people in England with the condition is expected to rise to over 1.3 million within the next 30 years - double the current number.